Custom designed sadhana (personal practice) based on the benefit

you are seeking.

Why it is so essential to create and maintain our own living practice?
Because we are wired in certain ways based on our experiences, we are unknowingly recreating more difficulties, pain and drama. Practice helps us recognize the patterns and begin to master our lives.
To transform our subconscious patterns from all aspects, we use the profound wisdom behind specific:
Sound technology,
Breath technology,
Movements of the arms
All of this combined creates a magical formula which opens us to living a life we once could only dream of.
Want to start with Kundalini Yoga?

In this 9 week personalized program you will receive a sadhana (personal practice) specifically taylored to your wants and needs. We design a yoga practice around your lifestyle, to support your journey inwards, whilst maintaining and improving your worldly work. These time-tested techniques are natural tools to remedy depression, anxiety and other common maladies of our fast-paced technological world.


After 9 weeks of diving into your soul challenges and strengths, you know what you are working with and what you want to transform and cultivate. You experience a deep-rooted and grounded understanding of your life from an entirely new perspective, a sense of your own Divinity Embodied, a lightness, clarity, and calmness accessible at all times. Together, we create a specific set of practices that suit your body and journey towards peace and wholeness. Your life begins to integrate and originate from within. It is the beginning of your own personal relationship with this ancient science; your own set of daily asanas - the most important part of Yogi life.

Transformational Alchemy to experience Divine Union of Soul, Body and Spirit.


Each week you will receive a special kriya, which is combination of physical exercise, mantra, mudra, and meditation that works specifically on a chosen energetic center. You will keep practicing this kriya all week. Then you receive a new Kriya for a higher chakra and practice all the following week and so on, until all chakras (energetic centers) are cleansed, purified and aligned.


The chakras are energetic centers that relate to all aspects of our lives. Their state is reflected upon our relationships, thoughts and emotions. If these centers of vital energy are balanced, we can live our lives in joy and fulfillment. It is my aim for you to experience a shift in all areas of your life as a result of this course - from health and prosperity to love and self-worth.

Ready to upgrade your life?


1st week - Introduction into Kundalini Yoga

In first class you receive foundation for own personal practice. Explanation of philosophy of Kundalini yoga and breathing techniques we use. Meaning of mantras and bij sounds. 


2nd week - Mooladhara

Do you feel like you don’t really belong on Earth, or in your culture, or family?


Perhaps it is time to check your First Chakra.

Through practices focused on Root chakra you feel grounded, centered, secure, loyal and stable. Your body easily eliminate what doesnt serve in the system. 


3rd Week Swadhisthana

Felling sense of guilt? Having issues with boundaries? Do you attract irresponsible relationships?

By exercise second chakra you experience attract healthy relationships, flow of creativity, patience, healthy sexuality, responsibility into your life.

A well-functioning Second Chakra paints the wold with passions motivations and sexuality as a way to experience the spirit.


4th week Manipura

Don’t have enough strength? Problems with digestion?

Kundalini yoga is based on strengthening the center of personal power. Strong Manipura is essential to reach self esteem and fully and embody own identity. It is our engine where the strength for inner balance, inspiration and good health is developed.


5th week - Anahata

Do you experience fear of rejection? Feeling lethargy, shyness, insecurity?

When your heart is open, you feel alive and present. Compassion, kindness, service and forgiveness is your natural state of being. By penetrating heart center sacred transformation starts and continue with awakening to spiritual awareness. 


6th week - Vishuddhi

Do you feel confusion, depression? Are you lost in over-intellectualizing?

With practice of mantras from kundalini tradition you open the center for truth, language, knowledge, and experience ability to communicate effectively. Align with your authentic Self, that you represent what you truly believe in.


7th week - Ajna

Feeling like being separated from existence and its prosperity?

Specific meditations from kundalini tradition are opening center of intuition, visualizing, concentration and determination. With activated Ajna chakra you understand your purpose. 


8th week - Sahasrara

Being shy, withdrawn, vulnerable?

Different kind of concentrations helps us to connect with our higher self. feel the unity and have relationship with the unknown. The seventh chakra has the key characteristic of surrender the humility that fills you as you bow before the Infinite.

9th week - The Aura

The aura combines the effects of all the chakras, and constitutes their total projection. The aura projects and protects. Kriyas are rising Your Radiance. When this circumvent fields is strong, negative influences are automatically filtered. When it is weak, you seem vulnerable to everything that passes by or through you.