• Petra Sita

I dont remember, when I was so powerful, boosted and strong as today...

Today was the last day of intense reprogramming breath work course based on traditional pranayama kriya from the Gitananada lineage. For a week we were breaking old patterns and creating new to penetrate the new reality. Such a radical reset So here I’m, first day of my moon, under the durman tree, setting up for fullmoon fire, to send up some sweet prayers.

May this auspicious moon help us to wake up into ourselves. May we sing and dance and sync up with your own inner rhythm. Every day, every moment.

Sit. Breathe. Connect. And receive energetic blessing, that is multiplying your potential. Close the gates from the past and the cords that exist with everyone we have met. Reconnect you with you. Experience own soul. Like this u align with the mind of cosmos.

In the Mayan Calendar the energy of today is 1 Quanil, which is a day to plant a new seeds.. Whatever you wish to enhance and drive to abundance in your life, whether its emotional spiritual, physical or material do it today!

Make sure u have positive thoughts They are going to multiply prosperity, deep blissful love and joy in your life!! .

Happy Full Moon to ya all! Ps:Leave me a comment how is your full moon !

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