Place yourself in the safe hands of a qualified, experienced and trusted instructor.



All guidance is specifically tailored for your individual requirements.


Initiate and develop a relationship with the spiritual dimensions.


Celebrate your divine essence and liberate your soul.

Transform into your purest self.


...and have a fun!
Experience guided practice and integration of ancient Vedic secrets; mudras, asanas and mantras.

Experience profound individual lesson, that is unique in combination of specific poses, mudras, and mantras designed exactly for your personal needs.

During the session, a safe space is opened and held by me. 

In the safety of your home, you can open yourself and find the connection with your vital life force energy as well as your inner guidance and your precious gifts.


Connect to your infinite source of energy and

fall deeper in love with yourself.

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Each class is designed for specific part of your body, to empower, unblock and energize the chakras, our energy plains of consciousness, and the auric field.


We will Proceed slowly, sensibly and systematically, with purification of body, chakras and nadis to practice in a safe way, holding the practice in integrity. 


You will also receive the guidance to keep exercises in daily life to reach maximum effect and to create a sustainable change on your path.


I offer deep individual approach, both in-person and virtual session 90 or 120 min. 


Before the virtual session we have a phone call that I know your needs, and prepare special class for you.

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