At Kundalini Yoga teacher training we will spend each day fully immersed in each of the 8 Chakras, experiencing the transformative and powerful effects of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as we deepen our knowledge of the philosophy, anatomy, subtle energies, and philosophies of Yoga practice and teaching.   Learning deeply about each of your own chakras will facilitate a transformational Whole-Life upgrade, enabling you to be the best teacher possible. Mantra Music will be played and chanted throughout the course, as a most vital practice of remembering. Unity with Our Source, through Naam Simran. 



The purpose of Yoga is to Unite us with All, to transform the self-based human into a seva-based human, one who has attained realization of the complete interconnectedness of all Life, and exists to bring harmony to the polarized world we have incarnated into.


This Sadhana Immersion is designed to help you witness and take control of the patterns of selfish action & thought that limit our potential, and transform this blocked energy into creative, spontaneous, and committed Spiritual Power whose fully awakened potential shines great vitality and inspiration to all


Using the psychology of the Chakras to see our patterns, the physiology of Yoga to liberate our dormant energy from these patterns, and selfless action to to liberate our Spirit, we can awaken into our collective Destiny as powerful, loving, and creative children of God sent here to balance the extremes of the Earth as she undergoes a massive ascension process.   Teaching yoga can be a great service when shared from a heart-centered being, and this is our goal for our Intensive Immersion Program.


You will establish a daily yoga practice involving kriyas, asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra, devotion, philosophy, dance, and more over a full moon cycle with other yogis from around the world.


Practice your teaching skills (if you desire to lead) with an intimate group of supportive yogis, and receive continual feedback and individualized attention to serve others effectively.

We will meet for 8 hours of yoga practice and teaching each of our Immersion days (5am-2pm)  Every 4th day is a free day for self-guidance, personal practice, catching up on readings, and teaching opportunities.


This is a very intensive experience designed for people who desire to be challenged physically, become clear mentally, grow spiritually, and earn more life-energy through intense dedication and commitment to Sadhana.

A Chakra Balancing SystemCreating Inner Balance and Outer Harmony